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Online Advertisement - Advertising on Print Killer Media Network

Online Advertisement -
Advertising on Print Killer Media Network
Marketing in tantamount to any business’ survival, let alone its success. And any full-range marketing is incomplete without some kind of online advertisement nowadays. Apart from having a nice website and a couple of pages on major social networks, you also need to advertise in order to bring traffic to your website or your landing page.

With all the online marketing tools available today, don’t underestimate the value of online display advertisement. What we mean is graphics animation and video placed on other websites.

Graphic advertisement remains the most powerful and effective online marketing tools – any kinds of banners placed either on information portals or on other websites related to your topic.

Print Killer Media Network offers the most efficient way of banner advertisement. It has a network or high-traffic websites which can advertise your banner on their pages. Rotating your banner on this network gives it a tremendous exposure.

Why does this make the best form of advertisement for your website? For a number of reasons. First of all, it allows a strategic placement of your display ads. They are placed on websites that already have high traffic of your target audience; so it makes your ad placements very relevant and timely.

This creates a good return on your investment, as your ad gets noticed, clicked and followed through by the prospect customers.

When you do display ads you can personalize your ad placement to narrowly target the location where they will be displayed. So for local businesses, this is a great advantage and cost savings. You can include your phone number on your ad and that’s it. You got yourself a direct lead from ad to sale.

Credibility of a Big Player
When you place graphic advertising on network of websites you create a brand presence. You start looking like a big fish. Brand advertisement is usually a sign of maturity of business. Small businesses rarely go that far as they have their hands full with zillions of other problems.

When you look like a big mature business, you generate credibility in your prospective clients at whom this advertising is aiming. You project quality. You project image. You project stability. And hopefully you are capable to back up this image and deliver quality service. If you do, you got yourself a returning client and continuous source of growing sales, and profits.
Narrow Targeting
Banner ads allow you to appeal to specific interests of your clients by depicting their desired images, which aim the most powerful buying force – emotions. If you know your target audience very well, you can use that knowledge to catch their attention and captivate them. If you are aiming women you can catch their interest with celebrities. If you are aiming family people you can strike their soul’s cord with issues like health, family or dream vacations.

Low Cost
Compared to other forms of online advertising, banner placements are relatively cheap. You pay a monthly rate and you get exposure to thousands of visitors. And if you choose a related website, your targeting becomes very narrow and precise. So you get a great return on investment.

Print Killer Network offers you the following rates for advertising on their network:

Header Banners – the top banner on the network websites – from $200 a week.

Side banners – the banner is placed on the side at the network websites – from $100 a week.

The greatest advantage of placing your banner ads with Print Killer Network is that for the same low price an advertiser can choose to place his ads on just one single site or on ALL websites participating in the network.

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