Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Funny Viral Videos

Video god - Funny Viral Videos

Video God is an awesome place where you can find all the news in video format. All the hottest videos from youtube, our writers check them out daily and post only the most interesting ones on our website. Viral vides, TV, movies, stand up, wins, fails, animal videos, space videos, get wise and heavenly babes videos – all of this can be found at Video God. The whole day of entertainment just watching our videos – what more can you dream of!

Patrick Zarrelli is the founder of Video God and is also the CEO and founder of the Print Killer Media Network, is also the former publisher of the South Florida Chronicle, and former Vice President of Beachfront News.

If you are a movie junkie Video God has five convenient categories for all movie types: from comedy to short films, so you can quickly find out what’s coming out this weekend. All news is provided in a video format, so it’s fun too!

If you love funny videos, we have them all, from animal videos to fails. You’ll laugh your head out watching them. So if you need a good start for the day, start it with Video God blog and go to funny video section.

Our get wise section is for those who thrive on new information and knowledge and want to get smarter. Here, you will find insight on Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, but will also find out how rats can easily swim into your toilet. So, something for everyone!

Video God is a member of Print Killer Media Network, an advertisement network headed by Patrick Zarrelli, which provides an excellent space for banner ads for lawyers and other professionals in South Florida, as well as for other website owners across the nation.

As we mentioned before, Patrick Zarrelli also founded South Florida Chronicle and Beachfront News, where he used be a publisher and a vice president. These two news websites had a viral effect and became incredibly popular, which inspired Patrick to create a number of other news-related websites, including Video God, and several online stores. All these website projects target various audiences from different locations across the US and the world. They are also part of the network – Print Killer Media – which provide excellent opportunities for online banner advertisement.
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