Wednesday, 30 December 2015

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 News Zealot - All News All the Time

Want to know what Will Smith has been up to or how Jimmy Carter has conquered his cancer – News Zealot will tell you all. News Zealot is covering the latest and the best news that really matter. Whether you live in Colorado or Missisipi, Florida or Oregon, you can read what’s happening in your locale on News Zealot.

Find your local news coverage, sports, entertainment news, celebrity gossip, crime, autos, videos and more. News Zealot brings you the best news as our team of dedicated writers is on a daily hunt for those stories.
We don’t publish stories that will bore you; we have the best stuff only. Our stories are short and concise. We know how valuable your time is so we keep it short.

News Zealot is owned by Patrick Zarrelli, CEO of the Print Killer Media Network. Print Media Killer is a network of 14 websites that offer banner advertisement to professionals and website owners from South Florida, New York and from the entire country. This is the most powerful online advertisement method. It appeals to emotions and has a high return on investment. So for every invested dollar you get maximum targeted traffic to your business and higher sales.

Patrick Zarrelli started Print Killer Media Network after several years ago, a couple of his news websites got enormous traffic and started brining profits from advertisement. Now, he runs a successful network of fourteen sites that provide a great quality place for image advertisement. Patrick is a former publisher of the South Florida Chronicle, and former Vice President of Beachfront News.

News Zealot is powered by Dependable Website Management. This company offers services in everything from web design to hosting and SEO management of the websites and online stores. Patrick Zarrelli is the president of Dependable Website Management.

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