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SEO - Benefits of SEO for Your Website

SEO - Benefits of SEO for Your Website

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, today is by far the most effective marketing strategy for online businesses. Once you managed to get to the top positions in search results, you will have freetraffic of customers to your website. Apart from being low cost or essentially free source of traffic it also reaches into you targeted audience.

Of course it’s an ongoing process and requires some efforts from you, but it’s all worthwhile. That’s why millions of site owners spend so much time and money on SEO of their websites.

Here are some of the benefits of SEO for yourwebsite.

Low cost
Essentially it’s free, because your site shows up in generic search results, as opposed to paid ad positions. So it is a free traffic. Of course, you will need to spend some resources, whether financial or your time and effort, in order to optimize your website to be eligible to appear in top search results. But once you’ve done the main bulk of work at the start, maintenance is not that demanding. You can do the optimization of pages yourself if you have some basic knowledge of code, link building or anchors, but it’s time-consuming and will never be as effective as SEO done by a professional firm or a specialist. So we recommend this job to be left to professionals.

Permanent results
While paid advertisement results last as long as you pay for your ads, seo optimized pages bring you visitors permanently. Once you stopped paying for your SEO, traffic does not stop abruptly. Obviously you will need some upkeep to maintain top positions, but they are considerably cheaper than constant expenses for paid advertisement. Plus, once you got high rankings in search results, it become pretty hard to kick you out from those top positions.

Noticeable increase in traffic
While pay-per-click advertisement brings in hundreds of hundreds of clients per day, SEO can bring in thousands of thousands of new visitors to your site. This is a completely different scale of business. Once you experience this type of increase in visitors you might consider expanding your business and take it to another level. It is a great investment for your company.

The majority of people trust “natural” search results more than paid advertisement. People get annoyed with paid advertisement sites which clutter their search results and most of the time, turn out to be irrelevant to what they looked for. Often times paid-per-click results are misleading when you click on them. Advertisers try to make theirheadings and ad texts match the person’s search keyword phrases, while in reality their service is different from what’s promised in those headings. Users have been duped by these tricks one too many times. So most of them are annoyed with paid results and prefer pages from generic results.

Your competitors are doing it
Chances are that all your major competitors are investing in
they are aiming at long-term success they are most likely doing it. If you rely solely on paid ads, in the long run you will lose. People know that usually websites showing in free search results have been in business for a while and since they are in top positions, it means they get clicked on. Therefore if you are not investing in SEO, you are eventually losing to your competition.

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