Wednesday, 30 December 2015

South Florida Chronicle

South Florida Chronicle:
South Florida News, Sports, Pics, and Videos

Need the latest South Florida local news coverage, sport, entertainment news, celebs news? You will get them at South Florida Chronicle. This is the best source for breaking news from South Florida and the rest of the nation. Here, you will find all the top local stories, latest videos and photo galleries.

Our team of dedicated writers selects only the best news that are worthy of your attention. All our articles are short and written in a vibrant language; so our readers never get bored. Today, when attention span of an average reader is about a couple of seconds, we try to keep short.

This news site was started by Patrik Zarrelli a few years ago, who is a former publisher of South Florida and now a CEO and founder of a popular advertisement network, called Print Killer Media Network.

South Florida Chronicle is just one of the fourteen websites powered by Print Killer Media Network. This network is the best place for image advertisement for professionals and website owners. It drives targeted, quality traffic to their websites. Studies show that banner advertisement is one of the most powerful online advertisement tools. So as a website owner you get the most out of your advertisement buck when you spend it on image advertisement.

On South Florida Chronicle website, you will always find the freshest headline news. Our writers work hard every day to track only the hottest, most interesting news to bring them to you. We also get you the most popular youtube videos on the news from South Florida and publish them on our website.

The site is owned and operated by Patrick Zarrelli the CEO of the Print Killer Media Network as well as the President of Dependable Website Management. Patrick Zarrelli lives in South Florida and is an alumnus of Florida State University.

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